Spark Joy

One rainy night in 2019, I discovered Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, a Netflix original reality show where Marie Kondo, a world-renowned organizing consultant, attempts to help people organize their homes (and therefore their lives). As someone who organizes to relax, I was excited to learn different tips from binge-watching the show. But it wasn’t just the tips that Ms. Kondo shared that resonated in me, but her mantra to only keep what “Sparks joy” in oneself. She advised clients to hold each piece of clothing they owned and feel how their body responds to see if the item sparked joy in them. If it didn’t, “Get rid of it,” she suggested. I used this approach to de-clutter my home, but my aha moment came when I decided I would apply this to all areas of my life!  

I have always been someone who likes to create things and have, many times, gone through periods where I find a new hobby that excites me. At one point I was into scrapbooking, another time I painted canvas and wooden peg dolls. A little while ago I spent my free time dabbling in calligraphy, wood burning, and chalkboard art. As much as I enjoy these things, it was the discovery of sola wood flowers that sparked that joy in me!   

I had discovered sola wood flowers after researching alternatives to fresh flowers. The moment I laid eyes on the flowers, I noticed how real they look. When I first touched them, I was surprised by how light, soft, and delicate they are. I was intrigued and started experimenting with dyeing the flowers and creating home décor with them. I was fascinated by the variety of the sustainably sourced flowers and the artistry in which each were created. The beauty of the natural, ivory flowers is so pure, but it excited me to see how each flower reacts to colour. In some cases, dyeing the flowers brings out a subtle wood grain, which is so lovely. I started feeling like I could really express myself by working with sola wood flowers. Friends and family were so encouraging and kept asking when I would sell my arrangements. I had always considered opening a handicraft business and soon enough Wood & Wonder was formed! Every flower I dye, every arrangement I create, in all aspects of my business and my personal life, I put my whole heart in and in response feel truly joyful.